Thursday, August 21, 2014

Body-positive ads

Marie Claire Australia asked six ad agencies to come up with the perfect print ads all in the name of self-acceptance. They wanted to teach women to love their bodies and see how creative the advertisers could get without any sort of restrictions. The results are pretty darn amazing...

Bravo! Aren't these ads amazing? They really make you think about all the little subconscious things we do every day to sabotage our positive body image. No more! What do you say, friends? What will YOU do today to show yourself some love? xoxo

[Via The Frisky]

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  1. I would think about my smile that I got from my Mom, my pretty blue eyes that let me see the wonders of the world, and my wonderful brunette hair that keeps my head warm all winter .... with the wonderful winter cap my grandma made me with her beautiful (always manicured) hands :) We should always be thankful for what we have!


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