Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Family Photos: Birthday Fun (Part #2)

Being the obsessive photographer that I am (seriously, you're looking at the girl who takes photos to mark the beginning of Polo Shirt Season here...), I'm not all that surprised by the number of photos I took of my birthday adventure. So I thought it would be fun to split them into two parts -- catch up on Part #1, if you haven't already.

Ready? Great!

After our delicious diner lunch, we walked across the street to campus -- our old stomping ground. "Wow, the memories are really coming back," I kept remarking on the waves of nostalgia that would creep in every so often. It's weird because I sometimes go to the campus library to work, and I'm fine when I'm by myself. Maybe it was the dynamic of being with my mom and sister and all those family memories that kept flashing through my mind like a home movie. Does that make sense?
We even walked through the Geology Building, where my father used to work. I hadn't been inside since we went to his office the summer after his death to clean out his things. That was, shockingly, some 11 years ago! And yet, the place still sort of "felt" the same. You know how there are just some places where time seems to stop, no matter how many years go by? That Geology Building was one of those places. I still knew where everything was and could picture myself so many years ago waiting for my bus in the lobby -- gosh, I was such a baby then!

It was a beautiful, sunny day, so we sat outside for a bit, in the same place we'd meet my father in the summer when we'd come and have lunch with him. Even now, 11 years later, I sometimes still half expect him to come breezing out of those doors, a huge grin splashed across his face and his classic work bag draped over his shoulder.

We couldn't resist snapping a few photos with this rock -- geology, rocks...get it?!?!?

And who wouldn't want to stop at the lagoon? I was hoping to see the ducks, but sadly, they were no where in sight. One of my favorite things as a child was standing on the banks and throwing bread crumbs into the water. Yes, that's a photo of me, snapping a photo of my mom, who is snapping a photo of the lagoon. Is your mind blown? I thought so...

We also walked down to Baskin-Robbins for some afternoon sweetness to beat the summer heat. This has always been my favorite ice cream place. My flavor of choice? Chocolate chip cookie dough, of course!

Thanks again for all the lovely birthday wishes, friends, and I hope you enjoyed my little retrospective. When is your special day? xoxo

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