Friday, August 01, 2014

Guest Post: 3 Tips for Decorating Your Space

Every year brings new decorating trends for the home. The hottest colors change as well as the patterns and types of decorations, specifically in home decor Canada that you might want to include. This year is no different as there will be some bold changes coming in how you can modernize your space...

Geometric Shapes
Instead of straight edges, step out of the box to use circles and other geometric shapes. These will look exotic in any room, and if you use the right depths of the shapes, you will create a futuristic look that is mind blowing. The shapes are ideal for light fixtures and on paintings. Wall decorations will also be an area where you can incorporate other shapes. Utilize 3-D design as well to make decorations pop off the wall instead of looking so plain.

This will be a year of patterns. Whether it’s on sheets or walls, the top patterns will be flowers and letters. Hang a letter of the initial of the last name on a door, or display various phrases around the house, over fireplaces and above doors. This is the time when people want their home to tell a story instead of keeping boring walls that only have pictures on them. Colorful letters and flowers are ideal for a child’s room. They can be used on height charts or to display the name of the child on the wall. Floral patterns in colors of green and orange will likely be seen in living rooms. Brown is an option if you want to tie patterns together. Flowers shouldn't be the small ones that you typically see in prints. The patterns will be large flowers that stand out. When you’re designing a living room or bedroom, strategically put a pattern on only one part of the wall, leaving the other walls a different color that matches.

Large Furniture
Get rid of the small chair, and go for something that is large and comfortable. Sectional couches are a hot-ticket item. You will also see a lot of overstuffed chairs made of leather with large pillows. Black and white with a vibrant background color will play out well in the home. Finish the room with a large rug in the center of the floor.
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