Monday, August 18, 2014

How are you savoring summer?

Allow me to put on my beatnik hat and wax poetic for a moment: The end is near. Like those beautifully white puffy clouds, the summer is drifting away. We walk a little faster as we feel the brisk chill in the air. We watch the glow of the sun as it sinks deeper and deeper into the crimson sky. And we might even lather up on the sunscreen just so we can carry that beach smell with us all day long.

Yes, friends, now more than ever, we're looking to savor those last few sips of lemonade! So, I thought it would be fun to celebrate summer's last hurrah this week with some fun themed posts. Look for lots of inspiration on savoring these dog days of summer...
But, first, I'd love to hear: how are you savoring the summer? Doing anything to celebrate? Long walks? Ice cream runs? Nightly bonfires? Let's chat, shall we? xoxo

P.S. More simple summer pleasures, like sun rooms, flowing dresses, popsicles, glampingtemporary tattoosbaseball tees, fruity ice cubes and road trip essentials! :)

[Photos via We Heart It]

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  1. This may sound silly - but I savor summer b/c there is much less laundry ! ha-ha T-shirts, shorts (not many socks- all are in a flip-flops state-of-mind). No 5 layers of bedding and blankets to wash! Literally you can kick-up your heels with a little extra time to watch the lightning bugs (fire flies) fly around and light up the yard. life seems to go at a slower pace with less traffic, school buses parked for a few weeks........ Aghh ~ the flavor to savor / Sweet summer time!


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