Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Savoring Summer #1: Anchor bracelets

This summer, I've been completely obsessed with all things nautical. We're talking stripes, sailboats, lighthouses, sneakers. I've even found myself clipping inspiration from magazines for an actual, real life, in-the-flesh pinboard -- yeah, I'm that obsessed. But at the top of my nautical wishlist? Anchor bracelets! They're simple and delicate with just the right amount of flash and pop to make them the perfect piece of arm candy. Plus, I love the symbolism behind them -- having something that anchors you down and keeps you grounded.

I've spent many an evening scrolling through all the pretty possibilities on the good old Internets. Here are six of my favorites...
1. Anchor bracelet in grey, $14.99
2. Jack and Bobby rig, $38
3. Navy leather wrap bracelet, $58
4. Peach/gold anchor bracelet, $26
5. Silver anchor rope bracelet, $60
6. Nautical gold anchor bracelet, $11.92

Are you a big fan of the nautical trend, friends? Any favorites? Now all we need is a giant sailboat and an open sea. Who's with me? xoxo


  1. cute! perfect for summertime! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Those are so original and cute - and good prices :)

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