Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wise Words From Readers: On back-to-school memories...

Ahhh, the back-to-school season! It's become almost holiday-like, hasn't it? The mad rush to the store for all the essentials. The making of multiple to-do lists and checking them twice. The sleepless night before the best day. The excited butterflies on the morning of the first day. Yes, even years later, those emotions and memories stay with you -- long after you've put your lunchbox and pencil case away and closed your textbook for the last time. We all have a classic back-to-school memory that stands out in our minds, one that towers high above the others as the quintessential school moment. We all have them, and you weren't shy about sharing yours, friends...

*The smell of the school supplies and meeting my new teacher!

*Seeing my friends.

*The crisp mornings followed by the warm afternoons of early autumn.

*Smelling the clean school, fresh crayons. Wearing new clothes. Finding out who us in my class and meeting the teacher. Also, arranging supplies in my lift-top desk and lunch with friends.

*My mom got us fun clothes, but by far, our best memory was picking out our lunch boxes! We would take forever picking just the right one to represent us all school year long.

*Going downtown with my mom to buy new penny loafers. They smelled wonderful!

*This may sound weird: I still can remember a scotch plaid skirt and white see-through blouse that I bought new for school. Not sure which grade -- 5th, I think. The skirt was worn with a cinch belt. I LOVED that outfit. And saddle shoes. Brand new ones. Black and white.

*The smells...like a new box of crayons, construction paper and the good old-fashioned jar of paste!

*I was new and 16 in St. Louis. I wore overalls. They all wore Bobbie Brooks pantsuits. Me: glasses. They: contacts. Alien much?
These memories make me want to relive those first days of school all over again. I was a big fan of organizing all my supplies well in advance. And I can't be the only one who color coordinated their notebooks and folders. You did that too? Whew, glad I'm not the only one! Anyway, here's next week's question...

What's the theme song to your life and why?

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