Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Wise Words From Readers: On our four-legged friends...

I'll be honest here: Before we got Harry and Stella, I never really understood the power of pets. Really, I thought it was all a bit silly that people got so obsessed with and attached to those little furry creatures. I mean, it's not like said creatures were humans, right? I guess I just didn't get it. And then those two cats strutted into our lives, and as they say, the rest is history. Now that I'm a certified Cat Lady, I can't seem to get enough of pet stories, and lucky for me, you love telling them...

*We have two dogs. Favorite memory is a poodle named Duffy who would go walking with me.

*I have had pets all my life. Loved all of them, but my present dog, Lucy, is my favorite. We truly have a close connection. My favorite memory will always be the times we snuggle in the mornings before we start our day.

*I had pets until I found out my son's asthma was worse because of our cat. My favorite memory is going to pick out our cat, Maynard. We were going to get an orange tabby cat, but Maynard, a gray little guy, jumped into my arms when they opened the cage of kittens. How could I not take him home? He was a wonderful cat! Sometimes I still think he is sleeping at my feet.

*Has to be my bloodhound, Lola. We used to live next to where they would line up for the 4th of July parade. Before it would start, one of the guys would sing with National Anthem through the speaker of the firetruck with a sound track of a brass band. Lola would jump all along the fence with her big old paws, baying at the top of her lungs with her nose in the air. The next year, we had about 50 people line up in front of our place to watch Lola. Miss that girl.

*Has to be Harry! We got him the year after Brian died, and he helped me heal by rocking with me every night for hours in a darkened living room.
Oh, yes, these stories just warm your heart, don't they? It looks like pets save our lives just as much as we save theirs. Anyway, here's next week's question...

What is your favorite back-to-school memory?

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[Top photo of Harry and Stella; Bottom photo via We Heart It]

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