Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Favorite #3: Tough trench coats

Confession: I'm allergic to jackets. OK, allergic is a pretty strong word -- maybe it's more accurate to say that I'm averse to jackets. I've never liked them. At all. They're big, bulky and just generally get in the way of everything. As you can imagine, my hatred of coats can make life in the Midwest a tiny bit difficult, but I may have discovered the perfect solution.

The trench coat. Or, wrap coats, as Glamour calls them. And nothing says fall like a warm and cozy coat!

I've always fantasized about owning one. Yes, I know they're a bit big too, but they just ooze instant and effortless cool. I bet wearing one would make you feel like you're a spy or the star of some action movie -- surprisingly, these are also dreams I've had (I'm not the only one who's had said dreams, right??). You'd feel tough and fierce with Angelina Jolie-like strength. Here are my six favorite picks to get you all pumped up...
1. Classic trench, $130
2. Snap-front trench, $88.98
3. Color block trench, $52.50
4. Long sleeve blue trench, $69.72
5. Mint green trench, $29.99
6. Pink trench, $51.18

Are you loving the trench trend, friends? Have a favorite color you'd wear? At least you'll be ready if those action movies come calling... xoxo

[Top collage of celebrities in trenches from Harper's Bazaar]


  1. I love the snap front trench! I could not get enough coats for the fall and winter season. I used to buy so many having lived in the Midwest... I just relocated to the south so sadly I will not be buying more coats. It's just too hot down here.


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