Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Favorite #6: Cool accessories

I knew I couldn't properly say goodbye to my Fall Favorites 2014 without talking about my favorite thing: ACCESSORIES! You know I love my arm candy, and just like those moody colors on your nails, the fall is the perfect time to dress up your wrists in some decidedly darker shades.

One of my favorite go-to staples? Beaded bracelets, like the handmade ones in Cool Jewelry Design, a gorgeous Georgia-based Etsy shop. "Handmade cool and artful jewelry is offered with an emphasis on unique, color and texture," says shop owner Pam. "Designing begins with eclectic, and the magic is in the details." Even the names of the bracelets scream autumn, like the denim blue tigers eye beaded bracelet ($79), above...
Burgundy pearl, $72
Green copper modern, $45
Gray crystal modern, $45
Carnelian jade modern, $65
Tiger eye sterling silver, $49

What do you think, friends? How do you add some bling to your fall wardrobe? Any go-to accessories? Fun tips? Let's chat! xoxo

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