Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Love Lounge: What does the person you deserve look like?

In thinking about The One, how often do you think about the negatives first? You know, all those traits you don't want in a potential beau -- those right-off-the-bat dealbreakers. Those, at least for me, are the easiest things to think of.

But then I got to thinking that there's a big difference between what we don't want and what we deserve. I recently came across this awesome piece on Thought Catalog describing all the things that you deserve in a relationship. This passage really caught my attention.
You deserve love and security, a combination that warms the core of your heart. You deserve knowledge that the person you are with wants to be there and, more importantly, won’t run away when times get tough. This is someone that will stay by your side, fight your fights right there with you because they know you would do the same for them.
You deserve hands that only reach for you. They may be dry, cracked, calloused, perfectly manicured, or a complete mess, but they know you, your hands, and your body. They don’t reach away to know more.
And, a few of my own "You Deserve-isms"...
*You deserve someone who listens to your stories and asks you questions about your childhood because they know your childhood is still part of you and has helped make you the person you are today. They want to know who you were and are excited to see who you become.
*You deserve someone who hugs you like there's no tomorrow and also knows when to give you a little space. You two have mastered that intricate tango, and even if you don't get it right every time, there's no one else you'd rather dance with.
*You deserve someone won't run when they see your scars -- both real and metaphorical -- for the first time. They won't run because they know what it's like to have imperfections and aren't afraid to show you theirs. They'll even think yours are sort of cute.
*You deserve someone who makes you smile like a kid, gives you those crazy good butterflies like the first day of school, makes your eyes dance and fills your heart so much that it feels like it's going to pop like a balloon.
What traits top your list, friends? Has your list changed a lot as you've gotten older, or has it pretty much stayed the same? What advice would you give others for creating their own lists? xoxo

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  1. I love this blog post(I commented on FB too) This is a perfect outline! And also - when you have a close family ...the person must love your family. :)

  2. I just love that bit about childhood and I cannot agree more. So very true.


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