Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Wise Words From Readers: On looking into the future...

The future can be a scary thing -- and an exciting thing at the same time. It's at once unpredictable and limitless in possibilities. It's daunting and a clean slate all at once. We can't help but think about our own future -- sometimes more than we'd care to admit. Maybe we're curious. Maybe we're trying to plan our future and all the things we'd like to accomplish. Maybe we'd just like to daydream for awhile. Whatever the reason, you all had quite the opinion when it came to your own futures this week, specifically, your future five years from now...

*Either in Kenosha, Wisconsin, or in some place warm in the winter! Teaching, of course!

*Wishes or reality?

*I see myself in the same place I am now, and instead of feeling discouraged by this, I feel happy because I am finally at a place where I am content to be, after the chaos of the last 13 years!

*I see us selling our house and moving to a home where the yard is taken care of.

*I'm pretty happy in my day-to-day life...just so grateful for good health right now.

*I may be living overseas. I am looking into it as we speak. I thought of Italy first -- Amsterdam second. We'll see. France is a possibility too. Or Grand Cayman -- loved it down there! Or British Virgin Islands. Loved that too.

*Hopefully in a suburb of a large city with lots of museums and fun stuff to do! I hate crowds and traffic, but want to be close enough to take my kids to plays, museums, festivals, etc.

*Just hope I am alive, which would mean I beat the odds.

*I hope in five years to have accomplished: finally completing school so I can teach, have another baby and to buy our own home!
For me, five years ago, in 2009, seems like a lifetime in the past. I've changed so much since then, and yet, the core of who I am has remained the same. In five years, I'd like to have finally started writing that book I've been thinking about forever, but perhaps more importantly, I'd just like to still be as happy as I am right now. It's the simple things, isn't it? Anyway, here's next week's question...

Describe your dream vacation -- what would you do? Where would you go? What would you see? Who would you like to go with you?

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  1. I would love to still be happy in the relationship with my husband as I am now.
    I would also love to not worry so much. This has been a trait I have had for so long I almost don't know what it is like without worry.
    I would love to travel.

  2. Same with me!! I worry way too much!


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