Monday, October 06, 2014

Tip: 10 reasons your thirties is your breakout decade

The thirties often get a bad rap. They're seen as a time of limbo, of being caught between wide-eyed innocence and self-assured maturity. It's a time of being, as Britney once put it, not a girl, not yet a woman.

Smack in the middle of it all.

And really, I have to agree. I thought that turning 30 would come with some big, crystal-clear realization about life and how to live it. Honestly, I didn't even really feel that different. Was I missing something? Some key link to the next level? Had my membership card gotten lost in the mail?

A few months ago, Jezebel, in an attempt to give us aimless thirtysomethings a bit of direction, declared your thirties as the Do-or-Die Decade...
When 40 became the new 30, 30 became invisible. It's a decade of major transition, a bridge from the broke hot mess of your 20s to the fabulousness of your 40s. Or when 'Mean Girls' graduate to 'boring bitches.' At least that's one of the perceptions that hurts the pre-middle age group. Thirty-somethings are overshadowed by the antics of the 20-something "Girls" and the 40-something "Real Housewives" because, pop-culturally speaking, the best material is born from 'having nothing' (20s), 'having it all' (40s) or 'losing it all' (40s divorcee).
YES!! This is exactly how I've been feeling lately. Overshadowed. I'm the Jan Brady of ages. Maybe you're in a similar boat, and since we're all in this crazy journey together, here are 10 reasons to love your thirties...

1. You can go to bed as early as you want and not have to justify it to your friends,

2. Suddenly, cats make the best of friends. Where have these glorious creatures been all my life?

3. You either become the cool older cousin or the hip aunt.

4. You realize that it's OK to stand your ground = FREEDOM!

5. You can finally embrace your quirks.

6. You start to realize that maybe your parents were right about some things.

7. You let go of those lingering existential crises.

8. You aren't as afraid of the "S" word -- single.

9. Your passions excite you.

10. You aren't considered a true cougar...yet.
If you're in your thirties, what do you love about the decade? What's been your favorite age so far, friends? Any tips on surviving any decade? Let's chat! xoxo

P.S. I'm thinking of making "10 reasons..." a permanent series on So About What I Said. What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! :)

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