Monday, October 27, 2014

Family Photos: Downtown for the day!

I had some errands to run last week, so I spent the day walking around the downtown of my hometown. It was the perfect fall day, as you'll see in the fun photos I snapped, and I was reminded for the gazillionth time how much I love living in the Heartland. There's really nothing like it...Fall outside my front door! #MidwestIsBest

Friday morning drugstore browsing!
Walking and found this! #inspiration
The (early!) diner lunch? Check...
Downtown pumpkin display? Check...
Cute gazebo? Check...

Fallen golden leaves? Check...
My dream come true? Double check...

And two fun bonus shots...My desk, 5pm...and pretty he doesn't need a filter!

Have you explored your hometown's downtown lately, friends? Is it different than you remember it? Has it changed a lot over the years? What do you love about it? xoxo


  1. this post makes me happy -- the midwest IS best! xo

  2. Looks like so much fun! Nothing is better than a Fall outing oxox

  3. Awesome pictures! It does look great. Bonn also has its own way to blossom in Fall and it's beautiful. XOXO


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