Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Wise Words From Readers: If you could dine with one famous person...

It must be the writer in me, but I've often thought of all the famous people I'd like to break bread with. Not so much because I'm a fan girl (I suppose T. Swift would be the exception here...), but because it would be fascinating to have the chance to ask them all sorts of questions. Imagine getting all sorts of unfiltered, uncensored answers. It would be like hitting the celebrity jackpot! And this week, you had some specific dinner guests in mind...

*Barbara Kingsolver because she wrote my desert island novel, The Bean Trees!

*Gale Gand -- I'm mesmerized by her love for food and the personal connection spin she places on it. I feel connected to her like a dear friend who gets me.

*Teresa Giudice because hers is my favorite cookbook or her daughter Milania Giudice because we would probably have candy for dinner!

*Martin Luther King Jr. No, Gandhi -- he could use some meat on his bones.
As for me? Well, you all know I've fallen for a fictional character or two over the years, but as for real life, in-the-flesh famous folks, the journalist in me would love to sit down with someone like Hillary Clinton or Diane Sawyer -- two amazing women who are so strong and inspiring. I'd love to hear their take on being a woman in 2014 and how they came into their own. I can only imagine the amazing stories they'd have to share! Anyway, here's next week's question...

What is your #1 tip for staying organized? Why has this worked well for you over the years?

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