Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide #1: For The Wanderluster

City coasters to remember their favorite places, $16.
"The world is yours" print to hang above their desk, $29.99.
A set of camping temporary tattoos to remind them of that one crazy summer, $15.
A subscription to National Geographic Traveler, so they can take "trips" whenever they feel like it, $10. More great magazines here!
Crumpled city maps because vacations should be a stress-free time, and we all know how frustrating folding a map can be, $18.
A polka dot passport cover because, well, it's POLKA DOTS, $24.50.
The Ultimate Vacation Collection, featuring everyone's favorite traveling family (who doesn't love the Griswolds?), because it was their favorite movie growing up, $23.67 (includes all four movies).
This tote to make airport check-in a breeze, $25.
A map tote of their favorite city to show off when they're out and about (Chicago FTW!), $45.

These funny luggage tags to keep travel thieves away, $6 each.
This travel stub diary to record all those globetrotting adventures, $12.
...and a scratch travel journal for those map lovers, $25.95.

P.S. More gifts for guys and gifts for women. And, previous Holiday Gift Guides! :)


  1. im loving this list! national geographic magazine is the best :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. awesome ideas! I love that pack of "vacation" movies...so funny!

  3. Me too, Jaime, those were some of my favorite movies growing up!


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