Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide #2: For The Foodie

This handwoven picnic tote for those breezy summer afternoons, $50.

Lunch notes because you're never too old to brighten someone's day -- or have someone brighten your day, $36 for a pack of 76.
A fun cheese print for the kitchen, $30.
An adorable gnome bottle opener to get the party started right, $38.
A jar of red rocker peppermint bark because, sadly, their peppermint addiction is getting fierce and intense, $25.
Scandinavian Cooking by Tina Nordström because they've always wanted to learn some recipes from their heritage, $22.04.
This tableware set, complete with mitten salt and pepper shakers, $36.
A year's subscription to a Cookie of the Month Club because, really, that's the gift that keeps on giving, and they'll think of you every month when the goodies arrive, $12.99, not including shipping.
An olive server in honor of their other intense addiction, $45.
And of course, a cheeky apron because to you, they'll always be the master of the kitchen, $29.

P.S. More food fun! :)

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  1. a cookies of the month club?! sign me up. xo jillian


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