Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide #4: For The Bookworm-y Word Nerd

The Storymatic Game so they can create the perfect tale, $29.95.
Once Upon A Time: A Collection of Classic Fairy Tales because these were their favorite stories as a child, $6.40.
This set of stylish stationery to keep in touch with friends and family, $22. This cat stationery is cute too!
Gelly Roll pens to remind them of passing notes in high school, $11.74.
The book Lists, to celebrate their obsessive side, naturally, $16.68.

These library card socks ($12) and book lovers flip flops ($16.99) so they can strut their stuff.
A funny tote because, well, it's true, $14.50.
This candle that smells like old books -- ahhh, the memories, $15.
Read Banned Books print for their home office to inspire them when they write, $35.
A pretty journal to record their innermost thoughts and dreams, $11.99.
...and a book of prompts for when they're stumped, $16.95.


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