Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide #7: For The (Proud!) Cat Lady

How To Make Your Cat An Internet Celebrity because Grumpy Cat has NOTHING on your furry friend, $8.19.
A fun iPhone case because it's the next best thing to actually making "meow" their ringtone, $34.
This wall calendar to make her smile every morning for 365 days, $7.07.
A sleep mask for sweet dreams, $24.
The appropriate bag to show the world her sheer feline fanaticism, $19.99.
A mug for her special club, $14.
Irving, the cheeky cat, to watch over her office while she's away, $35.
This delicate cat ring to add the perfect touch to holiday outfits, $24. 

A pair of cozy cotton socks ($10.90) and a classic cat sweater ($29.80) for weekends spent lounging around the house -- just like her cat.
...and a funny tee because, well, it's true, $17.


  1. Hello,

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  2. I truly love of these things! Great list! I guess I am a real crazy cat lady! Thanks for sharing this!


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