Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wanted: "My Dream For 2015"

Remember last spring when I invited some of my favorite blogging friends to share their spring must-haves? I really enjoyed the series, so I thought it would be fun to do another one! And with New Year's Eve right around the corner, what better time to talk all about our hopes and dreams for 2015...?

The series? "My Dream For 2015."

I want to hear from you, friends! What's your dream for 2015? What are you most excited about? What are your goals?

It could be one goal or several, something you want to start or something you want to stop once and for all, but what I really want is to get us talking and sharing since I know the new year can be a bit daunting, at least to me.

Feel free to email me at mellow1422@aol.com with your story! I plan on starting the series the first or second week of January. Can't wait to hear from you, friends! xoxo

[Photo via Colin Cowie Wedding]

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