Thursday, January 08, 2015

Tip: 10 ways to enjoy a snow day as an adult

Remember when you were a kid and you'd sit around the radio or TV during a blizzard? You'd cross fingers and wish with all your might for a snow day. And then the big announcement would finally come.

No school for you! You've got the day off -- a lovely unexpected treat -- and you've got absolutely nothing planned. The whole day stretches before you with visions of wild abandon coming clearer into focus.

The real world (read: adulthood), though, rarely offers those sorts of surprises. We're so used to having every single minute of our day planned out, plotted and strategized that we're sometimes rendered helpless when an unplanned day off does present itself. We may even be left speechless. What are we to do? How shall we pass the time? We have to be productive, don't we? We have to be responsible, right? That would certainly be the most logical thing to do.

Well, if you ask me, snow days aren't meant to be logical. And I suppose I should know. My mom's been home for the last two days, on account of the winter weather barreling through the Midwest, and truth be told, it's been sort of fun living vicariously through her. It's taken me back to my elementary school days of fun times at home watching the snow fall outside my window and listening to the fierce wind howling at night. Plus, I realized something: You can have fun on a snow day. At. Any. Age. Based on my own scientific research (wink..wink) over the last few days, here are 10 ways to enjoy the day off as an adult...

1. Bake something warm and winter-appropriate, like cookies or chili -- and then cozy up by the fire in the evening to enjoy it!

2. Binge-watch TONS of shows on your Netflix queue -- we've been binge-watching The Big Bang Theory and catching up on Downton Abbey.

3. Rock out to some '70s rock on Pandora and smile right back if you spot the neighbors giving you a strange look.

4. Play a competitive game of Yahtzee -- remember, take NO prisoners!

5. Slum it in your favorite oversized sweater and comfy socks -- in desperate times, warmth trumps style, remember?

6. Take picture of the Arctic Tundra outside -- we did this last year, and it's fun to have photographic proof of your adventures!

7. Do some retail damage -- online, obviously, since you're practically trapped by Mother Nature!

8. Take a cat nap -- Harry and Stella have mastered it, so I'm taking my cue from them.

9. Read that stack of magazines on the coffee table -- that counts as cleaning, doesn't it?

10. Spend the afternoon chatting with an old friend, just like you did in high school.
What would you add to the list, friends? When was the last time you had a "snow day"? Go ahead and take one the next time the weather gets bad. I dare you -- after all, you certainly deserve it! xoxo

P.S. 5 essentials of the perfect staycation and 10 upsides of the common cold. :)

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  1. love this list :) we had a "cold" day yesterday in charleston and i didnt leave the house! it was nice to get cozy and finish reading my book. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Fabulous post - I love snow days as long as there is power, cable, and computer! LOL As far as warm cozy sweaters and socks - FAVE part of my wardrobe :)


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