Thursday, February 26, 2015

Disabilities In The Media: Models in wheelchairs hit the catwalk

First, it was Karen Crespo, who brought some much-needed diversity to the runway last September when she modeled a dress made specifically for her. Now, that diversity continues in this month's New York Fashion Week. The FTL Moda's AW15 show was held in collaboration with Fondazione Vertical, an Italian foundation supporting research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. It featured models with disabilities from around the globe.
"It is a very significant moment in my fashion career, this opportunity to finally open the most recognized runways in the world [Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York now, and in Milan Fashion Week in two weeks] to these beautiful talents, ready to show that disability is very often just a mental state by performing on the runway next to some of the best models on the scene," said producer Ilaria Niccolini.

I can't get enough of these awesome photos! How refreshing are they, friends? It's so nice to be able to write about disabilities and my burgeoning love of fashion IN THE SAME post! xoxo

[Via Daily Mail]

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