Friday, February 13, 2015

Etsy Love: Valentine's Day cards

While a big box of chocolates or a huge bouquet of roses can be a nice gift for Valentine's Day, sometimes the sweetest gesture is a simple card. It's short, sweet and from the heart, just like these eight cute finds from Etsy...

*"Sweet Valentine," $4, from DebbieDrawsFunny.
*"Thank you for loving me, hangriness and all," $3, from WildPreciousPrints.
*"Ugh, thanks a lot...," $4.50, from seaandlake.
*"You've caged my heart," $4, from TurtlesSoup.
*"I whaley love you," $4.50, from augustandoak.
*"I can't believe...," $4.50, from OrangeCricket.
*"I think I'll keep you," $4.50 from seaandlake.
*"Let's watch something on Netflix...," $3.95, from GreySquirrelDesigns.

Which one is your favorite, friends? xoxo

P.S. And perhaps the most important reminder of all. :)

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