Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Must-watch: Hindsight

Have you guys been watching Hindsight, the new series on Vh1? On the eve of her wedding, Becca begins to question everything -- all the decisions she's made, mistakes from her past, how she got to this point in her life. Nothing makes sense, she's filled with all sorts of doubt and things get even murkier when she wakes up in...


Now, with those 20 years to essentially live again, Becca is determined to do things differently this time around, most importantly, making sure a future unspeakable, friendship-breaking event doesn't occur with her sidekick Lolly. The show is the perfect blend of '90s nostalgia and thought-provoking questions: What would you do differently if you knew the future? Would your "new actions" ultimately alter your memories? How would you interact with the people in your life? Are there some things you just wouldn't mess with? If you could change one thing, one moment, one mistake, would you? Would you want to live your life over again?
I'd definitely give Hindsight a whirl -- it's a fun, light-hearted romp through my favorite decade and the perfect TV show to binge-watch on a cold winter weekend! What do you think, friends? xoxo

P.S. Will They/Won't They TV couples, Netflix original series, TV reunions, the best Frasier comebacks and classic catchphrases! :)


  1. Sounds interesting.. Is it available online?

  2. Ooh, that does look like fun! And I agree, it would be perfect binge-material for winter!

  3. Thanks for the tip! :) I just bing-watched all four episodes, it's a fun show.


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