Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Dream For 2015: Jaime from La vie Jaime

When Melissa asked me to participate in My Dream For 2015, I was on board but had no idea what my dream really was for this year! It took me a solid month to surmise something into words. I don't usually do resolutions, as I don't stick to them and don't want the pressure on myself. I try to live each day to to fullest on a regular basis, so I felt that type of "dream" didn't apply to me.

This year, I turn 30, as do most of my best friends that have been my friends for more than half of life. So my dream for 2015 is to embrace the change and next chapter of my life, turning the page into the third decade of living. That includes not putting pressure on myself of where I "should" be or think I want to be at age 30. I want to enjoy where I am now and celebrate it! For my 30th in May, my mom and I are planning a spa long weekend to Sedona. I am celebrating my college bestie's 30th in New Orleans later this month. This year is all about fun and next chapters with big birthdays, my brother getting married, settling into a job and embracing its ups & downs and of course, enjoying whatever else the year brings!

--By Jaime from La vie Jaime

[Photo via holiday boutique]

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  1. This is beautiful - and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing this, Jaime!



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