Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Dream For 2015: Julie from Julie Leah: A life & style blog

Hi, I'm Julie and I write Julie Leah: A life & style blog. I've been at this blogging game for over five years and when Melissa asked me to be part of her My Dream for 2015 series, I immediately said YES! When you've been writing a blog for this long, you've had quite a few opportunities to reflect and share your dreams and goals and plans. For 2015, my dreams are a little more personal, and I hope that it will generate some conversation and thought-provoking commentary about the times in which we are living.

My dreams for 2015 are to be more focused on my personal well-being and devoting more time to the people in my life. Now, when you first read that, you may be thinking, "Well, that's cliche" or "That's nothing ground-breaking." Allow me to explain each of those...

In 2014, there were some eye-opening experiences that made me realize that it's time to put myself and my health first. At 28, it's really easy to fall into the "I'm too young for that" trap. But let me be the first to say -- you're not too young and it can happen to you. Pay attention to your body and what it's telling you. Listen intently and don't ignore anything. Your 68-year-old self is gonna thank you one day.

The second part of my dream for 2015 is to devote more time to the people in my life. This one has been more difficult, and it's a goal that I will probably spend most of this year mastering, but it's worth it. I have spent the last five years being fully devoted to (almost a slave to) my blog and the social media linked to it. In January, I decided that just wasn't happening anymore. My personal, everyday relationships are more important to me than the superficial approval of x number of followers or x number of readers. Now, please don't misunderstand what I'm saying here. There are some wonderfully significant relationships that have developed from writing my blog, but rest assured there have also been disappointments and letdowns from people. People who I thought were loyal "friends," people who I was devoted to but didn't return that loyalty. And that, my friends, sucks. So, I've said no more. No more artificial, not more superficial, no more convenient friendships. Because, let's be honest, everyone deserves more than that.
True and genuine -- that's my dream for 2015. So, tell me: what are your dreams for 2015?

--By Julie from Julie Leah: A life & style blog

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