Monday, February 23, 2015

My Dream For 2015: Kate from Clear the Way

Hello there, readers of So About What I Said. My name is Kate and I am the blog girl behind Clear the Way, a blog filled with everything that inspires me from home d├ęcor and fashion to art and feminism. Right now, I am in the very beginning stages of launching a creative project that has been a dream of mine for some time and, as I progress through “hatching” this dream of mine, I thought I would offer my tips for each stage of the process. If you have a dream developing inside of you (whether it is a new creative endeavor or a lifestyle change) and you would like to make your dream a reality, I hope my advice will help you along the way...

The Very Beginning
In order to hatch chicks properly from their eggs, you need everything set up perfectly. You need the incubator set up just right and the proper conditions in place or you run the risk of total failure. That’s why it is so important to do your research ahead of time and really think it through. The same goes for when you are planning to hatch something new in your life. Are you planning on going vegetarian or vegan? Do some searching online and in your local market for what substitutions you might use in place of your familiar foods. Are you thinking about launching a new business? Gather all the information you need for each step along the way. The preliminary research you do, no matter what your ambition may be, is the first step in making your dream a reality.

The Incubation Phase
During incubation, the eggs need to be turned periodically in order to keep the insides from sticking in one place. My advice is to apply this same idea to your dream. It is so important to look at your project, lifestyle change or other ambition from every angle possible. Turning your idea over and over, just like the little eggs in the incubator, helps give you a fully-formed idea which will lead to the best strategy for approaching that idea in the real world. If you come at a project from only one angle, you may miss the big picture and may not find the success you could have if you spend more time exploring different aspects. Sometimes it is better to extend the incubation period for a project in order to give yourself the time you need to turn it over before you are ready for it to hatch.

The Hatching Process
Hatching is a really hard process, mostly because baby chicks are so new. They are new to using those muscles and new to the world at large. When we are hatching a new dream, it can feel the same way. We are navigating new lifestyles, new businesses, etc., and it can be very exhausting. My advice? Just keep at it. Pecking to break through the shell may be tedious and pushing bits of shell out of your way may be draining at times, but your dream will stay stuck inside of you unless you do the work to bring it out into the world. I shared a post awhile back on Clear the Way that echoed this same idea: The world needs what you have to offer. When the hatching gets rough, remind yourself why you believe in this project (or yourself!) and the work will be worth it.

Thank you, Melissa, for having me and happy hatching!

--By Kate from Clear The Way

[Photos via We Heart It]

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