Friday, February 20, 2015

My Dream For 2015: Monica from hola! design

Hey 2015. It’s me, Monica. I was still celebrating Christmas and you showed up, I wasn't ready for you!

I had to sit down and think hard: What do I want to accomplish this year? Do I want to travel around the world? Do I want to (finally!) take a sabbatical? Do I want to start a business?

Well, all of that would be nice. But there’s something else I want to achieve. Not only for 2015, but for the rest of my life, starting now.

And that is being kinder to myself.

I have to admit that for the longest time, I was my own worst critic. In every aspect of my life. I was judgmental and way too harsh with myself. I decided to stop that. I've reading a ton about the subject and here are two things I’m already doing...

*I do something I love every day: Could be a long shower, going to my favorite coffee shop, getting a manicure or buying fancy cheese. I treat myself with my favorite things and I allow myself to enjoy them.

*I talk to myself like I would do to a kid: We are all kids at heart, in many ways. You don’t say to a kid, "You made another mistake, idiot!" You say, "It’s OK, buddy. Try one more time."

There are many other ways of being kind to ourselves, but I find that’s is easier to stick to a change if we take one small step at a time. That way, it is not so overwhelming.
How are you kind to yourself? Share any ideas you may have! Wishing you an excellent year!

--Monica from hola! design

[Photos via We Heart It]

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  1. thank you for letting me be part of this! loved sharing my dream!!!


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