Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On finding yourself...

Speaking of guest posts, I had the pleasure of being featured on Kate's wonderful blog Clear The Way. I wrote for her One Word Inspiration series. My word?


How serendipitous! Something tells me the fates were conspiring here since a big part of my own blog journey over the last six years has been discovering myself and coming to terms with my disability. It's almost as if Kate was reading my mind. Anyway, you can read my thoughts on self, and here is an excerpt...
I certainly went through a period of looking around and thinking, “Wow, everyone else has it all figured out. What are they doing that I’m not? What’s their secret?” Looking back now, I can see that a lot of my own self doubts and insecurities had to do with my disability. I was too different. I stood out too much. Truthfully, I was just too afraid to look at myself in the mirror...But blogging? It forced me to hold up that mirror and look — really look — at myself. Writing forced me to be vulnerable, and being vulnerable helped me discover my true self.
You can read the rest here, and I'd love to know your thoughts, friends! How does one find a sense of self? Do you think your sense of self can change through the years? Are you a different person now than you were, say, 10 years ago? Let's chat! xoxo

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  1. I WAS reading your mind, muahaha-- Just kidding. =] I'm so glad it was a perfect fit. Your post really spoke to me and I'm so honored to have it. Thank you!

  2. OH you know sense of self is my favorite topic haha. I just love writing and reading about it. I loved what you had to say, and there are few people who know about sense of self like you do.

    I think sense of self comes from birth, and some comes from nurturing it. Pursuing passions is the biggest one I can think of.


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