Monday, March 23, 2015

Man Candy Monday.

Good morning, friends! How are you on this lovely day? Apparently, spring never got the memo because it's supposed to snow today! Ugh! Well, on to happier things. Today's guy is quite the British import. He's oh-so-very humble. And his sheer talent sends his sexiness factor to the moon and beyond...


"When I was living in New York, I had this slightly wannabe bohemian existence and took up painting, at which I'm appalling. I also bought several guitars.f"

*Yes, I know Mr. Redmayne has graced Man Candy before, but he's just so awesome, I thought he deserved his own post!


  1. I had the pleasure of working the Golden Globes red carpet this year and got to see him after the show, with his award. I never thought he was attractive, but in person he's really cute. I'm a fan now :)


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