Monday, March 23, 2015

Video Q&A: Send me your questions!

I'm always brainstorming fun ways to make the blog more interactive (I mean, my favorite part of blogging is chatting with you, after all, friends!), and one of the ways I love doing that is through Video Hellos! As I was falling asleep last night (go figure!), I realized that it's been a couple years since we've done a proper Q&A around these parts. And that made me sad. Very, very sad.

So now's your chance to send in your most burning questions. There are three ways to submit your questions...

*Leave your questions in the comments below

*Send them to me at

*Tweet them using #AskMelissaB

Remember, just like in the past, anything and everything is fair game, so don't hold back. What have you always wanted to know? Anything from love to my disability to my obsession with Jurassic Park and Back To The Future -- go wild and ask away! I'll be answering the questions in an upcoming Video Hello! Can't wait to hear from you, friends! xoxo

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  1. I love your happy and upbeat attitude! You remind me of my niece (who has disability challenges). My question is this: what would you do (career or personal) if there were no obstacles? Or do you think you've built a niche where things would be almost the same? HUGS and stay positive!! oxox


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