Thursday, April 23, 2015

What if you never aged?

Can you imagine a world in which you didn't age, didn't grow older and basically didn't change at all? That's the theme explored in The Age of Adaline, a time-bending romance starring Blake Lively. The movie chronicles the life of Adaline, a woman who ceases to age a day past 29 following a car accident.

Entertainment Weekly called the movie a "moody romance," saying...

"The premise opens up a thousand questions about what a life that spans more than a century of social upheaval and modern progress means ... Adaline is consistently gorgeous to look at—and a good reminder that love, even when it’s complicated or painful or doesn't last, is a whole lot better than immortality."

It certainly makes you think, doesn't it? The world around you would continue spinning and people would age and move on with their lives. And you'd remain virtually unchanged, at least physically, as history passed you by. Maybe time would become irrelevant -- a useless marker reserved for those around you and something that you'll be forever immune to. It's that sort of magic and mysticism that intrigues me and makes me want to spend a weekend afternoon getting lost in Adaline's world.
The film opens in theaters tomorrow. Are you excited, friends? Will you check it out?

P.S. I miss Blake's days on Gossip Girl...

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  1. It could be fun for a while. But, eventually I'd get tired of it.. as my loved ones age and move on, I would not want to be left behind somewhere totally out of place.
    —DT | Here I Scribble


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