Monday, May 04, 2015

What's the Best Age to Have a Baby?

How old were your parents when you were born? It looks like my parents were pretty average all the way back in 1981, when I was born. My mom was 25 and my father had just turned 30. Their ages have always amazed me, mostly because...WOW...they seemed like such babies!

But! A Gallup poll revealed Americans' views on the ideal age for both women and men. The vast majority, 58%, say 25 or younger is ideal for women. As for men? The majority think men should start having children at 26 or older.

"The idea of a one-size-fits-all perfect age to have kids is like saying there’s a ‘perfect meal’ or ‘perfect job’ for everyone," Mackenzie Dawson, a parenting columnist for the New York Post, told Yahoo Parenting. "It all boils down to individual circumstances and where you are in life."

At 25, I had just graduated college and was still trying to figure this whole "life business" out, so obviously, I was in no position whatsoever to even be thinking about children. In fact, I don't even know if I ever want kids, but I couldn't imagine having my first child in my early or mid-20s. Maybe it's a generational thing. After all, Millennials are known for doing things differently than their parents. We're delaying marriage in favor of careers. We're furthering our education. We're realizing that, at the end of the day, we're not our parents -- much the same way, I bet, our parents viewed their own lives.

It has to make you wonder, doesn't it? What do you think, friends? Do you have kids? If so, how old were you when you had your first? What do you think is the 'perfect' age? Is there even a 'perfect' age? Let's chat, friends! xoxo

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  1. I don't think there's a "perfect" age to have kids. My mom was 25 when she had me, I was 26 when I had my daughter.

    I'm happy with how old I was when I decided to have kids, but it had more with being at the right place in life than being the right age. My husband and I had solid jobs, owned a house and felt ready to make the next "step" in life.

    There's a fine line in the age game too - "too young" and people assume a pregnancy was an accident, "too old" and people see it as a last-chance effort to have kids. It's not always the case, but the thought is always there in people's minds.

  2. My mom was 22 when she had me, and 36 when she had my youngest sister.

    I had my first at 27 and my last at 31 (with one in between.) I'm pleased with the age I had my kids. Our first came on our fourth wedding anniversary so we had plenty of time being married before we added our little people.

    That being said, now that I have three, I wish I'd started sooner because I had no idea how amazing my life would be after I had kids.

  3. There certainly is no perfect age for having kids. Our parents generation undoubtedly had us when they were younger. I'm in my 30s and wish I had my daughter a little earlier, but am pretty happy with how things turned out. I know quite a few people that had kids in their 30s so it seems totally normal to me.

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  4. My mom was 33 when she had me and I was always bitter she wasn't younger because I wanted more time with her and my grandparents. As I got older, I realized I couldn't be so selfish.

  5. There is definitely no perfect age; it's very much an individual thing. In general, young parents have more energy and sometimes more optimism, while older parents have more wisdom and are more secure in themselves. Like many things, it's not so much a case of better, but different.

  6. I am 41 and 5 weeks pregnant. I thought I would never have children. I earned a Masters and have an amazing career and then I met someone I wanted to have kids with and here we are.
    I am sad that I waited this long because I will be 60 when he/she graduates from high school. My Mom was 30 when she had me and I lost her when she was 71. It's tough today with so many of us women becoming career driven.


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