Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Crazy Cat Lovers, Unite!

If you ask me, cat lovers get a bad rap. We're typically described as overly obsessed with our little ones, maybe even treating them as our children, and having amassed photo albums filled with glamour shots of said cats.

Maybe I fit this description or maybe I don't (I do), but regardless, I'm in love with Andreanne Lupien's series called Crazy Cat Lovers. She spent a year photographing cats and their owners at home, and the result is a true celebration of the bond between cat and owner. And, a fun twist: Lupien digitally multiplied the cats in the photos, giving even those with just one cat a few more scampering paws!

Instead of painting a bleak picture of those "crazy cat lovers," Lupien does a great job of chipping away at the Cat Lady stereotype. She even makes the lifestyle look downright cool and hip, don't you think, friends?

Do you have cats? Or are you more of a dog person? A fish person? Do you have any pets?? I'd love to hear! xoxo

P.S. Dog cards, cats in clothes, adorable vintage cats and dogs, National Cat Day and the science behind puppy photos! :)

[Via HelloGiggles]


  1. Yes. Yes. I am a cat person. I also live in fear that I'm becoming "The Cat Lady." No shame. I love my boys, but there is definitely a stigma.

  2. Awww, so glad I'm not alone. What are your cats' names?


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