Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dream Vacation: Pacific Coast Highway

For as long as I can remember, I've had this wild fascination with California's famed Pacific Coast Highway; it ranks right up there with my lighthouse obsession, which is still in full force, in case you were wondering.

I've only traveled to California twice, and the closest we've ever come to driving along a picturesque scenic highway was when we (accidentally!) turned onto the Blue Ridge Parkway, and, realizing we had passed all the exits, were forcedto drive along the entire route.

But, I'd love to trade in those Great Smoky Mountains for an up-close view of the clear blue Pacific Ocean any day. How fun would it be to pack a light suitcase and head out on a summer road trip? I can just imagine throwing caution to the wind, and letting said wind blow through your hair as you cruise down the highway. Here are a few fun things I'd be sure to pack...
1. A floppy hat to keep the sun out of your eyes; plus, you'd even feel like an old Hollywood film star!
2. A delicious beach lunch in this cute picnic basket; I'm all about fresh strawberries this year!
3. This soft beach blanket, suitable for catching some rays while beach reading or gazing at the open, sparkly sky at night.
4. Some cool binoculars for whale or seagull watching.
5. A mix tape of sunny, California-approved tunes -- think the Beach Boys and Katy Perry, obviously. This album looks great too!
6. Classic Polaroid camera to document all your fun and memorable hi-jinks. Old-school style, of course!

I'd love to know, friends: What's your ultimate summer road trip fantasy? Have you ever traveled the Pacific Coast Highway? Are you going anywhere exciting this summer? Safe travels, if you are, and have F-U-N... xoxo

[Photos of the Pacific Coast Highway from National Geographic]

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