Monday, June 29, 2015

Etsy Love: Watercolor Home Decor

When it comes to design and decor, I've always lived by the philosophy, "the brighter, the better." I mean, I do have these screaming pink sheets on my bed and had a reputation for proudly sporting neon shorts back in the day. My philosophy has long matched my personality, it seems.

But what about a more subdued, laid-back approach? While bright colors make me think of the frenetic hustle and bustle of life in New York City, the watercolor pillows by Euodia Roets give me visions of a quiet summer spent by the beach, in a cute cottage with all sorts shell-themed knickknacks adorning the walls.
Pillows pictured: Bubblegum set, green florals, clouds and sky, hummingbird throw, candyfloss ombre cushion, scallop fish scale and orange striped cushion.

The South Africa-based designer makes sure all her materials are sourced locally. How cool is that, friends? I'm relaxing already -- can't you smell that salty sea air?? xoxo

[Top photos by Euodia Roets]

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