Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Family Photos: Summertime Walks

Over the weekend, we decided to spend a rather lazy Sunday afternoon walking around some old childhood haunts. The weather was perfect -- warm and sunny -- and it was the perfect day to get lost in nostalgia.

I know better than to go anywhere with my mother unless she's had something to eat; look up the words hangry in the dictionary and you'd find her photo. So, we first fueled up at our favourite Mexican restaurant, above...

After lunch, we walked down to a park I went to all the time as a kid. My cousins lived right across the street, and I remember walking along the broken cement and the cobblestone streets. They were the kind that made you feel as though you'd just stepped back in time -- I half-expected to see a horse-drawn carriage clickety-clacking down the street.

Apparently, part of my mom is still a kid. It's actually a pretty cool trait, I'm learning, to be able to fully be present and just enjoy the moment. Thanks for the lesson, Mom!

We saw beautiful flowers and bursting-with-green trees...

This labyrinth was built years ago and it still confounds me to this day! I've even tried starting on the outside first and starting on the inside first. No luck. So what did I end up doing this weekend? Zooming to the center and posing for a couple photos. That's most important anyway, right?

How's your summer going so far, friends? What have you been up to these days? I'd love to hear about all your adventures! And, I've got lots more fun photos tomorrow, so be sure to check back!! The BEST SUMMER EVER lives on!! xoxo

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  1. You and your mum are so cute. She looks like loads of fun. What a lovely day out. Xx


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