Thursday, June 11, 2015

In The Pursuit of Happiness: Lauren Conrad Shuts Down Body-Shamers



These are my two least favorite words in the English language. In fact, they're my least favorite of all time, in any language.

Have you ever noticed how fat, in particular, is such a short word, but seemingly wields so much power over us? It's just one syllable. That's it. Just one. It takes less than one second to say, and yet we spend countless hours obsessing over it and looking for it and comparing ours to other people's. It's enough to drive anyone bonkers -- and it does. All. The. Time. Skinny is a word that also weighs heavily on our minds. The irony, I know. For some reason, the embodiment of all things skinny has become something of a sought-after goal, as if it was some sort of status symbol. At the very least, it was something to be proud of. BBB But luckily for us all, fashionista extraordinaire Lauren Conrad is taking a big stand for Girl Power by making her little corner of the Interwebs a safer and more positive place. In a blog post last week, she outlined her plans...

"When we’ve talked about getting in shape in the past, words like “skinny,” “slim,” and “thin” have often come up. Starting this month, we’ll be banning any body shaming terms from the site, and shifting the focus to words like “fit” “toned,” and “healthy.” We try do to this for the most part anyway, but now we’re making it official! The word skinny will now be reserved for skinny jeans. My editorial team and I had a long talk about it, and we want to make sure that the focus is on being fit as opposed to a number on the scale. Every body is created differently—and healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes."

Amen, Lauren! She's always been one of my favorites. I love how she's been able to transcend her Laguna Beach and Hills past and become such an inspiring business woman. She seems like the type of person who knows exactly who she is, isn't willing to settle or pretend and ultimately makes NO APOLOGIES for any of it. Now that's some solid business model I could get behind.

Just like I said a few days ago, there's a certain strength in being who you are. Lauren, obviously, owns it, too, and I'm glad she's a role model for so many young women these days. I can't help but feel like she's inspiring the Lauren Conrads of tomorrow, don't you, friends? Rock on, Lauren! xoxo

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