Tuesday, June 30, 2015

There Are Two Kinds of People...

...which one are you?

That's the pressing question posed on the Tumblr 2 Kinds of People, which features fun illustrations of everyday people, places and activities.

João Rocha the Lisbon-based art designer behind the blog, maintains that there are basically two kinds of people in this world. Those who prefer to watch TV on their laptops and those who like to watch on actual televisions. Those who cut their sandwiches in half and those who cut them diagonally. Those who use bookmarks and those who simply dog-ear the page. A few more of my favorite...

Do you identify with one more than the other, friends? Were you surprised by your choice? Has your preference changed a lot over the years? You can check out 2 Kinds of People for more witty illustrations, and feel free to submit your own "there are two kinds of people..." ideas in the comments! xoxo

[Via My Modern Met]

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  1. This is wonderful! I'm both for a number of them, but there are also some options that absolutely make me cringe haha;)


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