Monday, June 15, 2015

Wise Words on Fairytales

I was going through some old emails this afternoon and found these wise words I'd saved from psychologist Dr. Nancy Irwin, whom I interviewed several years ago for an article on fairytales. I love what she has to say about what they can teach us about love and life...

Most fairy tales are little morality plays. They are are Greek myths….archetypes to live by. If you are “good”, you will be rewarded eventually (Cinderalla); truth wins in the end (The Emperor’s New Clothes), love saves us from evil (Snow White); be careful what you wish for (The Three Wishes); fear can be imaginary (Jack and the Beanstalk); life is dynamic (The Ugly Duckling).  
Women can use these truths to write their own happy endings to their life stories. We must be careful not to take these stories TOO seriously and believe that if we are not blonde, blue-eyed virgins that there is no prince. The prince may not be on a white horse; he may drive a Ford pick-up.
How refreshing is that? It makes me want to open up a blank book and start writing my own life story! What would you write in yours, friends? Let's share! xoxo

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  2. I am so loving this post. Fairytales are so amazing, aren't they?


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