Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Family Photos: Stella and the Second Cat Syndrome

Speaking of our cats, I've come to a random, purely unscientific conclusion: Stella suffers from the Second Cat Syndrome. Now, I'm not a doctor or a psychologist or any other sort of medical professional, but I figure it works the same way as the famed Second Child Syndrome (you know what I'm talking about, right, Janelle?). All this praise and attention is heaped on the first born, everything is new and "for the first time" with them and by the time the second child comes along, you've forgotten to take pictures at that birthday party or save that school play program or basically all those tiny little details that seemed so important the first time around.

Take this last week, for example. My inner Cat Lady struck again when I snapped all those photos of Harry. But what did I forget to do? Capture adorable, wonderful, sweet Stella in all her splendid glory too. So, Stella, even though you can't read or really even understand that these pictures are of you, this post is dedicated to you! Because you deserve it. Because there is nothing "second" about you. You're second to NO ONE!!!

So be sure to hug your pets today, friends! Let them know how much they're loved, today and always! xoxo

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