Friday, July 10, 2015

Have a cozy weekend

Good afternoon, friends! What are you doing this weekend? Not to be all TMI-ish, but I'll be enjoying a nice round of antibiotics. I went to the dermatologist yesterday and she diagnosed me with a skin infection. Fun times, hahaha! I hope you all have a great weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

19 timeless signet rings.

What suicide survivors face is spot-on.

Beauty YouTuber stands up to bullies in powerful video.

Aww, Ricky and Doris have such a sweet friendship.

Screen addiction is taking a toll on children.

The Internet, in 40 maps.

It's a folding mini cool is that?

Food Do or Don't: Wallpaper cake.

The annual flower carpet festival in Italy looks amazing!

Walt Disney's corporate strategy plan from 1957.

Could this be the house of the future?

Notice anything different about Facebook's 'friends' icon?

37 Best Web sites to Learn Something New.

Are you more Kanye or Jay Z?

Who knew nail polish astrology was a thing.

Why there's still value in college.

The downside of happiness.

Can't believe these movies are turning 30 this year!

What one woman did for a dog with cancer is incredibly moving.

How-To: Pack a Picnic Basket Like a Pro.

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[Photo via That Kind of Woman]


  1. Ooh, I think they may be on to someone with the nail polish astrology post!
    Brianna ||

  2. I know, right? It's pretty interesting! Hope you're having a good weekend! xoxo


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