Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Help! Advice For a Reader!

It looks like we've got another first on So About What I Said today! I received an email a few weeks ago from reader Emily, who was seeking advice. She wrote...

I've REALLY liked this guy for months. He's attractive, smart, witty, passionate about similar things and a challenge (dream guy!). I've tried different ways to get his attention (including some crazy, "almost made it" stories), but he seems impossible to contact (no email, rarely on Facebook) and constantly busy with work. At first I wanted to see if I could just send him a letter explaining who I was and my feelings, but it became much more complex. I've still gotten no response/reaction from him; I don't even know if he even knows I've been trying. Do I... 
A. Give up trying and possibly regret it. 
B. Keep trying and risk looking crazy or annoying.* 
C. Give up for now, wait and hope that someday when he's not as busy, he'll still be single and I'll have a chance. 
*If B. What do I do?? Something bold and risky or keep slowly trying little methods?

I found myself thinking for a few moments after I read her note. Oh, how many times had I found myself in her very predicament? Surely, far too many to count! So maybe I'm not the best one to be giving the advice here. That's where you come in, friends! I asked if it would be OK to share her email, and she answered with a resounding, "Sure!"
So, what advice would you give her? Which option would you pick and why? Are you like me in that it's hard to take your own advice?

**Would you like to see an Advice Column of sorts on the blog? It could be fun and a great way to inspire conversation. Are you game? Send your pressing questions to! I look forward to hearing from you! xoxo


  1. My advice, woman up and invite him (in person or over the phone, NOT a note or letter--that's so 8th grade) to coffee, lunch, movie, etc. Even if he's busy, if he's interested, he'll make time. If not, at least you know. Unless you ARE in 8th grade. Then by all means, pass a note:-)

  2. Good advice, nova...especially the part about the person making time if it's important to them. Them NOT making time, sadly, tells you a lot too...

  3. I agree with Novajen above. Just ask him out yourself. If he's clueless or anything less than already head-over-heels as well, a letter with feelings will only spook him. I think it's best to casually ask him out for food, drinks or the cinema.


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