Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Science of Love: An Expert's Guide To Flirting

Yesterday, we kicked off The Science of Love, a new feature on So About What I Said that will see me flexing my journalistic muscle. Here's Part Two of my chat with Laurie Davis from eFlirt, the online dating experts. Enjoy, friends! xoxo


How do you handle a guy who is all about the flirting and never moving beyond that or making the next move (not that I speak from personal experience...)?
If a guy is flirting, but things aren’t moving any further, I’d recommend giving some subtle nudges or taking control of the situation. If you’re still unsure he’s flirting, do the subtle nudge. If it is clear he likes you, just go for the close! For online dating, this translates to exchanging phone numbers or setting a date. There is nothing wrong with a woman asking for either. In fact, sometimes guys will wait for you to suggest it because they want you to feel comfortable and are not sure how long you want to email before transitioning offline. Don’t be afraid to keep the process moving along. If you email incessantly, you risk losing his interest.

What are some of the worst pick-up lines you've ever heard used?
Pick-up lines are a big no-no. And I mean, in any situation. Just don’t do it. We’ve heard them all a million times, and they are not going to help your flirting cause. My least favorite has to be the line, "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

How can you tell the difference between a guy who is just generally flirty and a guy who is flirting with you because he, for lack of a better word, likes you?
When you’re in person, see how he/she is interacting with others. Is their body language similar with others in the group? Are they being just as saucy when they talk to your friends? Then they’re probably not flirting with you.

(This post is part of a series called The Science of Love, where it's all about the tango of love, or so I've heard. Have a burning topic that you'd like to see covered? Email me at and let's chat!)

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