Wednesday, August 26, 2015

10 Fun Back-To-School Supplies

Growing up, my favorite part of August (aside from my birthday, of course!) was always back-to-school shopping. Armed with a dream and list, I literally rolled up and down every single school supply aisle, occasionally running my hands over a glittery notebook or a colorful pack of pens.

The possibilities seemed endless, which, when you're full of all that youthful innocence, is just about the best gift in the world. Truth be told, I still love to shop the back-to-school section; school supplies are my version of a Louis Vuitton designer bag. Check out 10 of my favorite picks, from pencils to pencil cases...
1. A classic tote big enough to carry all those textbooks, $17.97.

2. This weekly/monthly planner so you don't miss any of the good stuff -- or any tests or papers -- $8.99.

3. Fun pencils to remind you to take care of yourself, $12.

4. These inspirational pens to keep you on track, $20.

5. This gold dots pencil case so you never lose the above pencils, $30.

6. File folders to match your gold pencil case, $16.

7. These notebooks for a daily dose of encouragement, $6.

8. A confetti iPhone case to put a little party in your phone convos, $18.

9. Flash drives with a fun pop of color to make you smile, $36.

10. ...and a pack of band-aids in the event of a broken heart or run-ins with mean girls, $4.25.

What's your favorite part of shopping for school supplies, friends? Do you organize everything days in advance or just throw it in your backpack on the first day? C'mon, it's time to fess up!! xoxo

[Top photo via We Heart It]


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