Monday, August 24, 2015

Back-To-School: 8 Must-Have Desk Essentials

I just shared the above photo on Instagram. It's my new planner for the "new school year." I use quotes because, although I'm not technically in school anymore, the early fall will forever give me those first-day butterflies. It will always feel like a new beginning to me, the perfect time to hit "reset" and start over.

I almost feel like a Back-To-School superhero because that's sort of how I approach things. I feel empowered and ready to take on the world. And while I'm not completely well-versed in my superhero knowledge, I'm sure of one thing: Any good superhero would be nothing without their equipment.

To kick off our week-long celebration of all things Back-To-School, check out the eight must-haves on my wishlist for my desk (aka, the kitchen table!)...
1. "I Am Very Busy" planner because the title says it all -- and it comes with stickers AND colored monthly tabs, $20.

2. A framed print to keep you motivated throughout the day, $10.

3. This desk organizer because I'm *that* person whose papers end up scattered all over the place, from $28.

4. A minimalist oak magazine holder for storing all my "research," $59.

5. A small notepad for jotting down brilliant ideas (and the occasional Netflix pick...), $8.

6. This pretty gold stapler for when you run out of said paper clips, $28.

7. A special bullet pen in gold because everyone knows that fun writing depends on the instrument, $8.

8. ...and a cup holder so you don't lose all those pens and pencils, $38.

What do you think of these picks, friends? Is there anything else that you'd add? What's on your desk RIGHT NOW??? xoxo

P.S. More Back-To-School fun here and here. :)

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