Friday, August 14, 2015

Have a lovely weekend

Happy weekend, friends! What are your exciting plans for the next two days? I got a pretty good start on some much-needed de-cluttering and I'm pumped to get back to it this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for my doctor's appointment next Tuesday. I hope you all have a great weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

"My Boyfriend Has a Disability. So What?"

How would you describe the narrative of your life?

Genius: What dating on Tinder is really like.

How cool is this 1930s ice cream parlor in Cincinnati?

Woohoo! A Beverly Hills, 90210 TV movie is coming to Lifetime.

Tackle clutter with this list of 116 things to throw away.

Definitely adding this bracelet to my wishlist.

A new study suggests that women bosses threaten guys' manhood. Are you kidding me?

Although bidding is over, check out this cool Mad Men auction full of props from the series!

15 reasons your little sister is your BFF.

Archaeologists recently discovered the bones of four of the earliest settlers of the Jamestown colony.

Toe-tapping photos of jazz icons.

How to give and receive negative feedback.

I'm in love with The Pep Talk Generator.

An Adult's Guide to Snapchat is what I've been waiting for. Do you use the fun app?

There's nothing more romantic than a rustic wedding, don't you think?

The September issues are here!

HAHA! Classic phrases spawned from Seinfeld.

Who's your favorite songwriter?

Great sassy summer hairdos to keep you looking stylish!

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[Photo via That Kind of Woman]

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