Monday, August 17, 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: FOXERS

This week, I spoke with the lovely ladies of FOXERS, the boutique clothing brand of sleepwear and lounge wear for women. Founded in 2007 by designer April Spring, the company's philosophy is all about clothing that can be stylish, comfortable and multi-functional. They offer everything from lace camisoles to sheer lounge shirts to chemises to boxer briefs to even shawls. You can also browse by collection, such as Kaleidoscope, lavender hearts, midnight rose and star bright!

FOXERS began in 2006 after April came up with the brilliant idea to cut off the top of a pair of men’s boxers and attach the band onto some women’s undies. Her light-bulb moment occurred when she was seeing numerous thongs sticking out of women’s jeans as opposed to men showing their boxer band above their jeans. Since launching FOXERS in January 2007, they have been adding new styles and an array of stylish colors. The brand grows from the FOXERS team but is also influenced by customer demand. For example, they made panties and buyers asked for matching tops. They made the boy short and customers asked for a boy short with more coverage so they introduced the boxer brief. Customer input and collaboration is what drives their success and makes building FOXERS so much fun.
Since its inception, life at FOXERS has truly been a team effort. Everyone from the designers to the social media mavens do their part to make sure all things are running smoothly and efficiently.

"I love that FOXERS is a woman-run company! I mean, who is better to design women’s underwear than a woman?" --Reina Ewing, production/design assistant

"I love watching new products come to life. I am so lucky to see, first hand, the creative process of coming up with a new product idea, making changes to the prototype, and seeing the final product!" --Christa McDaniel, e-commerce

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