Thursday, September 17, 2015

Way To Go, Lane Bryant

Have you seen Lane Bryant's new ad campaign? The clothing retailer first debuted their #PlusIsEqual campaign in seminal fashion bible Vogue's September issue, which featured top models wearing the brand's fall 2015 collection.

The fashion-forward ads feature taglines such as "Let's Represent," "our size women" and encourages all of us to picture a world in which labels don't exist.

"We're proud, strong, fashion forward, stylish," says model Candice Huffine. "Same as anyone else, with extra curves."

AMEN!!! In a world made up of far too many Nicole Arbours and just general bullies all around, it's so refreshing to see a clothing brand step up and step out like this. I hope it will set a precedent and usher in a new era of body-positive clothing and body-loving thinking. We most definitely need more people like this going to bat for women all around the world, surely not just in the realm of clothing. It's all about filling the conversation with positivity to drown out all that negativity.
Wouldn't you agree, friends? xoxo



  1. I agree, there need to be more campaigns like this, to the point where we're not having to say "hey, isn't this great?" because it's the norm. Society is not filled entirely of a bunch of tall, super thin, drop-dead gorgeous with no effort women.

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