Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Blogging Club: On Being More Productive

I'm taking my desk on the road! Haha, that sort of sounds like I'm going on a world tour, doesn't it? While it's not exactly a tour, it is a change of scenery.


Well, if I'm being completely honest, I got a bit too comfortable with summer -- a bit too chummy, if you will. By those last week, I really felt like I was in full-on vacation mode, which doesn't quite lend itself to the productive routine I worked so hard to perfect. Translation: Something needed to change. I needed to put away the metaphorical beach chair and get myself in gear! I figured the fall was as good a time as any; after all, it's heralded as the second New Year, with students and teachers returning to the classroom. I saw it as a new beginning, the perfect opportunity to firmly take back those reins of productivity.

So I decided to spend the day at my alma mater three times a week. As I've mentioned before, the library is a great place to get lost in thought, which, for me, equals quality writing time. In fact, as I'm writing this post, I have far less distractions and can feel the creative juices flowing wild and free. A few more things I'm looking forward to when it comes to my new schedule...

1. A structured work day: I love working from home, but without an office to go to every day, it's all too easy to blur the line separating my personal life from my professional life. They start to blend and before you know it, you find yourself doing work at all sorts of random times without any sort of delineation between "on" and "off" hours. Going to the library will definitely change things. This way, I'll have set work hours, so I know that when I go home, it's my "off" time.

2. Stalking Seeing my sister on campus: She's thinking of going to grad school and is taking a couple undergrad courses this semester in preparation (shout-out to philosophy!), so it will be nice to see her on campus. I may or may not have looked up where her classroom was and met her after class today. That's totally normal, right...?

3. Lunch at my favorite spot: There's a restaurant on campus that is my absolute favorite -- I went there for my birthday this year! -- and I plan on eating there at least once a week. I'm probably unnaturally excited about it, but it's the little things, right? And did I mention that they have the most delicious fountain drinks EVER? You all know how I get positively weak in the knees when it comes to a refreshing soda.

4. Feeling young again: Random and impossible, I know, but maybe being around all these college kids will make me feel like a spring chicken again -- like I could absorb their youth by osmosis or something. Although, it just occurred to me that using the word 'kids' doesn't bode well in my favor.

So here's to a semi-new routine and higher productivity! I'd love to hear your tips too, friends! What has worked for you when you're trying to be more productive? What sorts of rituals do you have? Anything you avoid at all costs? Any days you find better than others when it comes to getting things done? Feel free to share in the comments! xoxo

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  1. I wish you fun! ;) Sometimes work is a good thing, most of all as you mentioned the part with the structured day. The need to get up in the morning because you have no choice! :D

    I've been ill these past 6 weeks, and hopefully will go back to work again in the coming days/weeks... I miss having a 'scheduled life'...

  2. Hi, Pink! Hope you're feeling better. There's nothing worse than being stuck in the house when you're sick! *hugs*


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