Wednesday, October 21, 2015

10 Quirky Jewelry Finds

Jewelry is such a fun form of expression. There are so many creative pieces out there, and some quirky ones can really add a playful punch to your look. Here are 10 of my favorite fun finds, starting with the above perfect-for-Halloween bat stud earrings ($16)...
Peanut butter and jelly toast earrings, $22
Tiny skull bracelet, $13
Banana ring, $15.87
French fries brooch, $7.42
Gold lightning bolt necklace, $50
Asteroid necklace, $16
Salt and pepper shaker studs, $9.95
Fall acorn earrings, $14
Opal exclamation mark ring, $24

Which is your favorite, friends? Are you a fan of the quirky touch or are you more of a traditional jewelry junkie? xoxo


  1. Those toast studs are ace! And I love the lightning bolt necklace - I got my ear pierced a second time so I could get a little pink lightning bolt stud in above my usual lobe earrings. I loved it, but eventually lost it. Gutted :(

  2. i love the pbj ones--or that's what they look like to me! i love dainty jewelry.


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